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Community Consultation

Community Consultation


Community Consultations provide the opportunity for community groups, residents, business insiders and developers to discuss and share insights regarding future developments and projects. Canberra Town Planning is engaged to ensure all parties have their say and the legislated government agency guidelines are adhered to. Please see below for consultations currently managed by Canberra Town Planning and share your views.

Pre-DA Community Consultation

There are some developments that require pre-development application (DA) community consultation. Pre-DA community consultation provides the opportunity for the community to learn about development proposals and for the project proponent to receive constructive feedback about their proposal.

The types of development that trigger the requirement for mandatory pre-DA community consultation are identified in the article below. 

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Canberra Town Planning can assist proponents in the planning, execution and management of the Pre-DA consultation process for development proposals that meets ACT government requirements to permit submission of a Development Application.

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